Client Reviews




AMAZING... so in depth! Please call her with time on your side, you’ll thank me later. She can really tune into people and situations. She’s a very realistic reader and feels very grounded! No fluff but very respectful and kind! Thank you Mara!


First time ....she picked up on things no other reader picked up!! Will be calling again because I ran out of funds!! Thank you and I’ll talk to you soon.




Wonderful reading! Many details. Highly recommend. Absolutely fantastic! She accurately picked right up on my situation. She gave me the good and not so good very professionally. She explained things very well.



Thanks so much for offering clear and accurate readings at a fair rate too. (I had to stay on the line  to hear more today as you are that good!) Let's see what happens with the relationship over the next few months as sounds like change is in the air.




 She will not waste your time and money ..give her a try..


She is really good thank you so much for sharing this with me this morning I really appreciate you being on cocaine at the right time when I needed answers to so many questions



Wonderful reading! Lots of details provided great clarity. I will call again.